The Best Pork Rinds on the Internet, out of business!

The new, new, economy finally caught up to us here at, and although the Venture Capitalists who put up the money for this site aren't too happy about it, we had a good time running it; in 2000, we sold $6000 worth or rinds. We sent them to 47 states, as well as Kenya, South Korea, Japan, Norway and Pakistan. Pork rinds are no longer for sale here. Enjoy the other stuff on the site, however. Please don't contact us about where to get Porkrinds elsewhere on the web. We don't know.

 10 Texas Sized Bags 

2 Regular, 2 Hot, 2 Chili Cheese Flavor, 2 Lemon Flavor, 2 Chile Lemon Flavor
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 Low Carb Diet Special 

10 Bags Regular Flavor. Free T-Shirt with double orders! (change quantity to 2 or more on checkout)
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 4 Texas Sized Bags 

One Regular, One Hot, One Chili Cheese Flavor, One Lemon Flavor.
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 2 Texas Sized Bags 

One Regular, One Hot.
Buy it now for $12.50 T-Shirt 

Includes our old logo & slogan. Discounted to $3.50 + shipping (total cost $10)
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 The Presidential Pork Rind 

Need a Premium Gift for that special occasion? One of these mega-sized pork rinds was at George Bush's Presidential Inauguration Ceremony. Now you can make any occasion just as special. We'll make one in any flavor you choose.
Buy it now for $200

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